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Naughty Physics (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix)

How to make sense out of the universe using your own eyes
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The LUFE Matrix:


"The LUFE Matrix:
The distillation of System International (SI) units into more fundamentally base units of Space-Time (ST) dimensions"

Short Title: The Multi-dimensional LUFE Matrix

Introduction-Geometry (Layout)-Operational Rules-Examples

Geometry (Layout) of Space Or Time Axis (SOTA)

Geometry (Layout)of Space-Time Interactional Dimensions (STID)

SI Units distilled into LUFE Matrix ST Units

SI Quantities as ST Units on the LUFE Matrix

The international system of units (SI)…SI base, derived and supplementary…has been systematically organized into the more fundamentally base units of space and time dimensions. This distillation of all physical entities and the units used to express them into common ST interactive dimensional units allows for a direct, visual display of the conceptual and mathematical operations which inform so much of scientific thought. A useful and dynamic tool for teaching, research and theory has been formed by reducing apples and oranges to ST units.

The LUFE Matrix's reduction of SI units into ST dimensions coincides with the translation of the abstract mathematical symbolism into a readily visualized geometry of areas…areas differentiated by common graphic means of outline, color, shading, etc…which are manipulated in the LUFE Matrix by simple rules of addition and subtraction.

It is a new math (dynamic geometry) that is easy to learn, easy to see and easy to utilize as a tool to teach pure mathematics. Once combined with standard and theoretical concepts in physics, the LUFE Matrix offers a new window forward and mirror back into the cosmos.



The LUFE Matrix Supplement:


"The LUFE Matrix Supplement: Examples and Proofs"

Well over 200 examples and proofs are provided starting with the simple examples of classical Newtonian mechanics. As the reader gains understanding and proficiency in using the matrix, the examples, following in a very rough sense the historical development of physical thought, become ever so challenging. However, once through the section on electromagnetism, one has become fully proficient in applying the LUFE Matrix to the advanced fields of modern physics. In a sense, the proof is in the pudding. the LUFE Matrix works in all fields of physics in which the physical expression can be reduced to space-time (ST) dimensions. The examples presented here not only reveal the operational rules of the matrix and some of the suggested graphic representations of the matrix in action, they also prove their validity by being invariant in all forms of physical thought expressed in System International (SI) consistent mathematical form

Introduction-Layout-Rules-Graphic Standards

Index to the examples and proofs



The LUFE Matrix Index

I. Classical Physics
A. Newtonian Mechanics
1. Motion-------------------------------------------| 7/I/A1 |
2. Mass----------------------------------------------| 7/I/A2 |
3. Momentum------------------------------------------| 7/I/A3 |
4. Force---------------------------------------------| 7/I/A4 |
5. Energy--------------------------------------------| 7/I/A5 |

B. Properties of Matter
1. Density, stress, pressure, surface tension,...----| 7/I/B1 |
2. Temperature, heat and particle properties---------| 7/I/B2 |
3. Thermodynamics------------------------------------| 7/I/B3 |
4. Wave properties-----------------------------------| 7/I/B4 |
5. Electromagnetic charge----------------------------| 7/I/B5 |

C. Electromagnetism
1. Electrostatics (and definitions)---------------------| 7/I/C1 |
2. Time independent electrodynamics---------------------| 7/I/C2 |
3. Magnetism--------------------------------------------| 7/I/C3 |
4. Time dependent electrodynamics-----------------------| 7/I/C4 |
5. Electromagnetic waves--------------------------------| 7/I/C5 |

II. Modern Physics
A. Special relativity
1. Space-time-----------------------------------------| 7/II/A1 |
2. Velocity of light-----------------------------------| 7/II/A2 |
3. Mass------------------------------------------------| 7/II/A3 |
4. Momentum--------------------------------------------| 7/II/A4 |
5. Energy----------------------------------------------| 7/II/A5 |

B.Quantum Mechancis
1. Quantization of energy--------------------------------| 7/II/B1 |
2. Quantization of the atom------------------------------| 7/II/B2 |
3. Quantization of wave motion---------------------------| 7/II/B3 |
4. Quantization of particle motion-----------------------| 7/II/B4 |
5. Other examples of quantization------------------------| 7/II/B5 |
a. Dense matter physics--------------------------| 7/II/B5a |
b. Plasma physics--------------------------------| 7/II/B5b |
c. Low temperature physics-----------------------| 7/II/B5c |

C. General relativity and beyond
1. Acceleration-------------------------------------------| 7/II/C1 |
2. Einstein's field equation------------------------------| 7/II/C2 |
3. Black hole mechanics ( The Planck Parameters)----------| 7/II/C3 |
a. The event horizon------------------------------| 7/II/C3a |
b. Energy changes---------------------------------| 7/II/C3b |
c. Entropy----------------------------------------| 7/II/C3c |
d. Radiation--------------------------------------| 7/II/C3d |

D. Cosmology
1. Gravitational collapse (local)------------------------------| 7/II/D1 |
2. Blackbody radiation---------------------------------------| 7/II/D2 |
3. The Inflationary Universe Model of Guth and Steinhardt---| 7/II/D3 |

E. Unified Field Theory
1. Commentary----------------------------------------------| 7/II/E1 |
2. The LUFE Constants--------------------------------------| 7/II/E2 |

III. The LUFE Matrix on specific fields
A. Electromagnetism--------------------------------------------| 7/III/A |
B. Mechanics---------------------------------------------------| 7/III/B |
C. Thermodynamics, heat and light------------------------------| 7/III/C |




Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter=Dark Energy (the inverse of)


"Dark matter=Dark energy (the inversion of): The Conservation of SpaceTime by the Conservation of Force"

Can the biggest mystery in astrophysics be understood with this new approach?


An overview of the conservation laws as seen through the LUFE Matrix

The conservation laws, in relation to the multidimensional LUFE Matrix, are examined in terms of the symmetry of spatial and temporal dimensional units. Conservation of spactime is proposed to be the fundamental symmetry of Nature.









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Page 6a- Geometry- Layout

Page 6b- Geometry- Space Or Time Area (SOTA)

Page 6c- Geometry- Space-Time Interactional Dimensions(STID)

Page 6d- Distillation of SI units into ST dimensions

Page 6e- Distillation of SI quantities into ST dimensions

Page 7- The LUFE Matrix Supplement: Examples and Proofs: Introduction-Layout & Rules


Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter=Dark Energy

The History of the Universe in Scalar Graphics .

Page 8- The LUFE Matrix: Infinite Dimensions

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